Sunday, March 7, 2010

Big Balls of Gas

When the world sucks, I look up. Yes, its nerdy emo time. Things suck, but guess what? The earth still spins, the sun still burns, the stars and planets travel across the sky just as they've always done. All the unfair wrong things that happen on this little blue planet is just that, happening on the little blue blue planet. Of course, at the end of the day it isn't much consolation as everything that matters to us happens on earth, but sometimes its good for a little bit of perspective.

End nerdy emo time.

Here is another photoshop fart. It's the star, like the sun, converting its hydrogen into helium, doing its fusion thing.I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. It looks like the sun, warm and fuzzy and, well, yellow. What I want was more along the lines of this. Angry, violent, powerful, hot sun. I don't know if making it red would've accomplished that though. I suppose it needs more hot spots and sun flares. And I should probably lay off the blur tool. Perhaps the next appearance of a sun type star, I would have to be absorbed by a black hole? It must be impossible to make a star eating black hole warm and fuzzy right??


  1. It looks good. Though I suppose you could've had some spots darker than others showing underlying doom approaching. I think what would drive the point of death would be if the sun had fangs. Nothing says scary like some fangs.

  2. lmao@ the fangs comment. ohh smelly you amuse me. hmm, some pointers if you're on the market for them...when portraying volatile try using black and red. If you work that in never know. Good luck with the next!